Improve Education

Our Church places great emphasis on education. Why? We believe that the “glory of God is intelligence” and that learning lasts forever. Plus, without the ability to read and reason, it is difficult to learn God’s word. Education allows us greater freedom to think and act and to choose our path more effectively.

Key Facts:

  • Lebanon
    • Partners with key universities and NGOs
    • Provide "Education Success" action groups
  • Worldwide
    • One of the largest private university systems in the world
    • 740,000 students worldwide involved in religious education
    • Online learning provided in over 90 countries

"I've certainly seen the value of education in my life. I felt fortunate to attend the Sorbonne University in Paris, France, where I earned my PhD in ancient languages and religions. I was a professor there and eventually taught in universities throughout the Middle East.

"It was during this time that I found the Book of Mormon. I had read hundreds of ancient texts in multiple languages and I knew immediately that this was authentic—a derivative of the Middle East. Until then, my faith in Christ had been superficial, while academics were paramount. But this book jolted me. Could it be that God spoke again? That He had called a prophet? That ancient Christianity had been renewed? I have come to know these things are true. And my education paved the way to this testimony.

"One of our modern prophets has said that “education is the key to opportunity” (Gordon B. Hinckley). Our Church believes this. We invite all to get as much education as possible, and we invest our time and resources to help.”  Professor Ghassan Salem