Serve Others

As members of this worldwide Church, we are asked to sacrifice and to give to others. We seek to follow Jesus who taught us to serve the hungry, the thirsty, the sick and those in prison, and to visit the widows and orphans. He taught us to ‘lift up the hands which hand down.’

It happens on a large scale when there are disasters and crises. We have sponsored relief and development projects in 179 countries—food, nutrition, clean water, clothing, housing, medical training and equipment, vaccinations, wheelchairs, employment, and social services. And it happens on a small scale in neighborhoods and families. We work independently and in partnership with those of various faiths and governments who join us in supporting individual responsibility, self-reliance, work, and local sustainability.

Key Facts

  • Lebanon
    • ​$2,000,000 in aid and volunteer service since 1990
    • Food and hygiene kits, wheelchairs, support for orphanages and other relief
    • Partners include ArcenCiel, Restaurant du Coeur, clinique du Bon Pasteur, Caritas, ANERA, and others
  • Worldwide
    • 10.5 million people served in 130 countries annually
    • Services include emergency aid, medical care, wheelchairs, and more
    • Initiatives include food and water, nutrition, education