Strengthen Families

The family is the most fundamental unit of society. God organizes us into families so we can learn to be selfless and find love. God’s Church exists to help families make covenants and find joy on earth and after this life. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is one of the strongest and most active advocates for traditional families in the world. 

For example, our leaders recently met with Pope Francis of the Catholic Church and leaders of 12 other worldwide religions to seek ways to strengthen traditional marriage and the family.

The Church provides excellent resources to parents, youth, and children to help with instruction in the home. Programs are offered to encourage high standards of living and personal development. Classes for youth and children are held each Sunday, as well as service and recreational activities during the week. 

“Our lives center on our family and our faith. On Sundays, we worship and serve together. And for us, Monday night is reserved for ‘Family Home Evening,’ when we share talents, learn, and laugh. Every day, we work, study, and play together. And we pray together. We try to teach our children to be good citizens.  We’re not perfect, and we face challenges, but we face them together.” The Ahmad Family

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