Living By Faith

“You people have made a big difference in our lives. You brought hope. You brought food and blankets. You brought peace. We are most grateful to you, to your Church, and to God.”

These kind words from struggling refugees show gratitude and great faith in God. As volunteer humanitarian missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we feel so privileged to see and feel such faith every day. We wonder, at times, if those who live in poverty and danger have even greater faith than those of us who have more. We’ve also seen that pure faith in many of our partners who serve the poor and the outcasts.

For example, Sister Virginie, a Maronite sister, lives in the Bekaa Valley and cares for over 200 orphans. Because of her, they have a warm home. They gain education and skills. They serve and love each other as family. They leave to bless society and turn around to give to others “in need.” How does she manage all this? “Oh, we live from day to day here,” she says. “The Lord provides. He has never failed us.”

Then there is Madame Antoinette who originated the Restaurants du Coeur in Beirut. At 80, she still feeds hundreds daily from every sect and social level with her unstoppable energy and unflinching faith.

Or think of the great folks at ArcenCiel in Beirut who provide good jobs for the “unemployable,” and hope for the otherwise hopeless, and who allow these people to serve and bless others.

So what about the rest of us? Could we serve more, live better, and find greater joy if we learned to exercise greater faith in the Living Lord? We believe we could. And we invite all to walk with us, wherever you are on the path of faith. Come join us, and let’s do even more together!