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Becoming More Like Jesus

Becoming More Like Jesus

It has been quite a road—twisted and bumpy and full of holes—and it still leads forward. We are not sure just where we will be or how we will manage, but we believe we are walking the path Jesus walked. And that makes all the difference.

Our family was like many in Syria. We valued education. My husband earned a masters degree and I graduated as an engineer and linguist. Our children went to school and worked. We were close. Then we had the chance to move to Romania for my husband to pursue his PhD. We learned the language, met wonderful people, and began to learn about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—the restoration of Christ’s ancient church. Our desire to be more like Christ grew and blossomed.

Eventually we went back to Syria and were caught up in the civil war. There were times of fear, separation, and loss. Still, while isolated from our new Church for five years, we determined to keep the fire of faith alive. We taught our children to know Jesus and to follow Him. We read and prayed in secret. We tried to serve. With each challenge, we found strength in Christ, and as we did, we became a little more like Him.

Just months ago, we left all behind and moved again. We connected with our Church and found great strength with fellow believers in Lebanon. We have served, suffered, and tried to smile through it all. And we know the path ahead will continue to be a challenge. Even so, we are closer, stronger, and happier as a family. We see great opportunities before us. And we are trying to “take His image in our countenances” (see Alma 5:14). The Lord’s path, after all, is the only path home. Come join us!